ComicsWire.Client.Issue class

Represents a single comic book issue.


  • Save : Saves an issue's data to the ComicsWire service.
  • static Download : Downloads an issue's data from the ComicsWire service.


  • guid IssueId : Identifies the issue.
  • string IssueNumber : The publisher-assigned issue number.
  • string Title : The title of the issue.
  • int PublishMonth : Month the issue was published.
  • int PublishYear : Year the issue was published.
// Hook up our events
ComicsWire.Client.Issue.BeforeDownload +=new EventHandler<IssueEventArgs>(Issue_BeforeDownload);
ComicsWire.Client.Issue.AfterDownload +=new EventHandler<IssueEventArgs>(Issue_AfterDownload);
// Get a comic from the ComicsWire service.
ComicsWire.Client.Issue myIssue = ComicsWire.Client.Issue.Download(myIssueId);

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